Flash Photography
at Weddings

The image above is shot with a flash. A simple cheap Godox flash. On camera. I love the light from a flash. Especially when done right. I mean, if I didn’t tell you, would you know? Or not?

When I started shooting weddings I had some experience with flash photography. This is back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Back when strobist photography was hugely popular. But, I didn’t use it at weddings. It was always easier to crank up the ISO and shoot wide open. Plus there was a frenzy of not using flash at weddings in Macedonia (and I think the World) in those days. Well, not always. Very fast I noticed that wedding receptions can be extremely dark. Even for the 5D original at then massive 3200 ISO and for my 50mm f1.8 (the infamous plastic fantastic). I got myself a 1.4 lens, but alas still not good enough. 

I started experimenting with flash. On camera. Off camera. In hand. On a light stand. Long exposure. Shutter drag. Firs curtain. Second.

I soon realized that flash is not just about giving more light so you don’t get high ISO muddy pictures. Or a help to get things in focus. Imagine freezing time during a moment of pure joy – that’s the magic flash photography brings to weddings, transforming everyday pictures into extraordinary keepsakes. It’s all about embracing the power of light, capturing the waves of love and delight on such special occasions. 

Unlike fluctuating natural light, flash steps in with a burst of artificial brilliance exactly when needed. Packed with flexibility, it bathes subjects either indoors or under glittering night skies equally well. Grasping these nuances paves photographers’ way towards crafting striking images that spotlight not only the beautiful couple but also emphasize their perfect venue and vibrant celebration mood!

One really exciting part using flash during nuptials is its stunning ability to freeze motion. Every sweet sway during the first dance or exhilarating bouquet toss comes alive without any chance for motion blur interference – thanks to this clever use of flash! Any emotion and move from both bride & groom or loved ones emerge clear-cut within these images!

With careful adjustments on direction and intensity levels; details like an intricately woven gown pattern, tasteful decorations even subtle expressions become unmissable highlights! The artistic touch between intense lights and softened shadows definitely adds drama – making each image simply irresistible yet forever memorable.

While acknowledging flash photography’s countless advantages during a wedding, it’s crucial to respect subtlety. Skillful application of flash accentuates the moment without overpowering warmth and sincerity of these delightful occasions. Wedding photographers master this art balancing both aspects remarkably. They potently preserve splendid instants discretely not stepping on ‘feel-good’ factors either.

In essence, flash photography is simply unbeatable-ideal solution for capturing nuptial bliss when you need it the most! From motion-freezing to inducing depth plus conquering critical lighting scenarios.

In one of my next blogs, I will write about my 5 top tips about using flash during a wedding (that you can also use elsewhere).