~ Jana & Damjan ~

In the center of Skopje, Macedonia, amidst the bustling old town, a wedding of vintage posh unfolded. The year was 2015, when Jana and Damjan, their love aflame, stood hand in hand at the Arka hotel.

Jana, a vision of grace, wore a lace gown that spoke of elegance. Damjan, a paragon of charm, swept her off her feet with his gallant ways. Their union, an extraordinary tale of two souls entwined, captivated the hearts of all who witnessed.

Amidst tearful joy, Jana’s parents from Bath, England, lent their presence to this joyous celebration. From distant shores they came, adding a touch of enchantment to the proceedings.

The Arka hotel, a mere backdrop to the grand affair, stood proud in the old town. Its historic walls witnessed the love and promises exchanged, and its aura breathed life into the unfolding story.

A blend of tradition and personal flair, the vintage posh wedding charmed all who attended. A symphony of emotions swept through the air, intertwining with the vibrant atmosphere of Skopje’s heart.

With each heartfelt vow, tears flowed freely, mingling with laughter and love. The night wore on, and the reception became a tapestry of joy and merriment. Fairy lights twinkled, casting a magical spell upon the terrace.

Jana and Damjan, lost in each other’s gaze, danced beneath the starry sky. Their steps, a testament to the bond they shared, embraced the essence of the moment.

As the night embraced the dawn, Jana and Damjan embarked on their journey, united in love and forever intertwined. The vintage posh wedding at Skopje’s heart, a memory etched in time, whispered tales of a love story destined to endure.

Venue Somewhere in Skopje

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